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For most of us, 2020 was one crazy ride. A year to remember, it taught us to adapt, empathize and forgive.

For a better part of the it, I held 3 jobs. Completely different industries, each with their own challenges, limitations, and profound lessons I carry with me today.

Back in January, I mustered the courage to finally hand in my notice to a job I held for 19 years. It all started with conversation with an old friend and ended with a handshake promising we will be exiting our then-current work environment that held us back for far too long.

In planning for a stable financial situation, I took on another job at the beginning of the pandemic and now I was going strong at all 3, slowly but surely driving myself mad. Couple that with online learning my kiddos were going through, as well as the move to a new place, I honestly do not recall much from those few months. It is all kind of a blur by now.

Zoom became my best friend in 2020. I conducted over 250 one-on-one client meetings and presentation webinars on pitching products, opening stores, working with our military, and creating new revenue streams for small business owners. Got familiar with PPP, EIDL, and PUA.

As if my plate was not full enough, I embarked on a DIY website project I (hope you like it), developed a class for a local college and finally started on my affiliate programs.

Was it hard? YES! But definitely worth it. I could honestly say, 2020 was my best year yet.

Looking ahead with an enormously grateful heart into 2021.

Yours truly,


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