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For the past year I worked 2 jobs. I would handle day to day operations of my sales rep position with the San Diego Trading, the job I had for almost 2 decades. Crazy! It all started at the local mall where I had my 1st retail location, and after pretty much making every mistake known to a novice business owner, humbly accepted an offer from a friend to come join his retail chain. Over the next 19 years I have been in a role of buyer, product designer, sales rep and a visual merchandiser for our stores. I loved every minute of it; the trade shows, deadlines, samples, customers, my team. And then, back in July of 2019 I was offered an advisory position with a local procurement agency. I was actually getting paid for advice I offered due to my extensive experience in wholesale distribution, in particularity working the the Military Exchanges. How great was that! My advising role continued to bring me in front of many different businesses, start-ups as well as seasoned. And then the Covid-19 came along, and it was all about the loans, assistance and staying afloat. Being there, fighting and surviving with my clients, pivoting and shifting gears thought me so much about my own perseverance. The change is hard, but can be a bit easier if you drive it yourself. So, at the end of August I decided to fully dedicate myself to my educating, advising and inspiring my fellow small business owners. Looking forward to what comes next. Who is with me?

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